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Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy

“I have always notice that my child could not sit down for long periods of time. He also likes to bite or chew on things like the collar of his shirt”

Parents with the above concerns can also look into some other factors before deciding to go for Occupational Therapy: 

  • Lack focus and attention

  • Weak fine and gross motor 

  • Stimming (for example: hand flapping, rocking, excessive blinking, head banging, repeating noises or words, pacing, spinning objects)  

  • Mouthing 

  • Sensory issues (for example: difficulty with balance and coordination, screaming or being aggressive when seeking attention, always jumping up and down)

To help resolve these issues, our experienced Occupational therapists will help with:

  • Sensory play

  • Motor planning skill

  • Living skill training 

  • Joint compression/ massage



speech therapy

“My child is not speaking like other kids, I'm really concern about this, what can I do?”

Parents with the above concerns can also look into some other factors before deciding to go for Speech Therapy: 

  • speech sound disorders

  • language impairment 

  • communication disorder 

  • voice disorder 

  • developmental delay

Don’t worry. We provide treatment, support and care for children with these issues. Each child has unique needs so we will conduct a speech and language assessment before developing a personalized plan. Depending on the child’s needs, we will work on:

  • Communication skills

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Observation and elaboration to learn new words 

  • Pronunciation 



Play Therapy

"I am struggling to understand  or manage my child’s emotions which is making our family life very stressful and his behaviour unmanageable ”

Parents with the above concerns can also look into some other factors before deciding to go for Play Therapy: 

  • Trauma/ withdrawn personality

  • ADHD

  • Anger issues 

  • Attachment issues

  • Autism (slight - moderate) 

  • Behavioural issues

  • Bereavement/loss (pet/family, change of environment)

  • Bullied 

  • Communication problem (introvert/timid)

  • Delayed development (GDD/down syndrome/ etc)

  • Nightmares

  • Physical disability

  • Poor school attendance

  • Social exclusion

Our Play Therapist uses a multi-sensory approach that helps the child to learn:

  • Emotional Self-Regulation Skill

  • Self-Expression ability

  • Behaviour Modification

  • Social Communication Skills





Raising a child with special needs might put undue stress on you or your family. Have you ever felt.....

  • alone as a parent on this journey? 

  • overwhelmed or lost as you navigate ways to help your child? 

  • that nothing about autism is easy no matter what coping mechanism or help you have in your daily life?

In parental counselling, our counselling psychologists can provide support to help you: 

  • learn new skills and better ways to cope

  • understand what you are experiencing

  • learn new ways of looking at what is happening to you

  • solve problems and make decisions

  • learn about your strengths and how to use them

In the sessions, you may be: 

  • Making goals that you want to achieve in counseling/therapy

  • Answer assessment questions that help the counselor/psychologist plan with you how to best help you and understand how you may be meeting your goals in counseling/therapy

  • Be given things to read or look at

  • Be given activities to do between sessions such as keeping a diary


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