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Early Intervention Program (EIP)

What is EIP?

An Early Intervention Programme (EIP) is an individualised intervention plan that provides different types of early intervention services to children from three who have been diagnosed with specific/general developmental delays or with disabilities.

The main objective of an Early Intervention Programme is to: 

Provide crucial and appropriate intervention to support your child's developmental needs and assist you in taking care of them.


EIP combines educational and therapeutic support for the overall growth and development of your child in preparation for preschool. EIP equips children who have yet to achieve their milestones with key foundational developmental skills. Early intervention is highly successful in helping children with developmental delays to reach their full potential.

Before your child is placed under an Early Intervention Programme, a multidisciplinary evaluation is carried out to determine your child’s developmental status and level of functioning to provide a diagnosis. We use a combination of standardised instruments and procedures, including a formal interview with parents. We will assess your child in several areas of development: cognitive, communication, physical, social-emotional and adaptive behaviours. 


We cater to children aged between 2.5 to 7 years old. 


4 EIP core goals

Self-help & Life Skills

Eating, feeding & drinking routine

Grooming & toileting routine

Classroom Routine & Group Skills

Arts & crafts

Transition routine

Movement activities

Requesting & sharing

Social Behaviour & Social Play Skills

Social skills

Social competence

Social emotional learning


Listening & responding

Identifying & labelling

Motor imitation skills

How to JOIN EIP?

Before joining EIP, we will conduct an assessment. After the assessment, we address individualized needs according to the development goals for each child.

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