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Physiotherapy Session


Occupational Therapy

“I have always notice that my child could not sit down for long periods of time. He also likes to bite or chew on things like the collar of his shirt”

Parents with the above concerns can also look into some other factors before deciding to go for Occupational Therapy: 

  • Lack focus and attention

  • Weak fine and gross motor 

  • Stimming (for example: hand flapping, rocking, excessive blinking, head banging, repeating noises or words, pacing, spinning objects)  

  • Mouthing 

  • Sensory issues (for example: difficulty with balance and coordination, screaming or being aggressive when seeking attention, always jumping up and down)

To help resolve these issues, our experienced Occupational therapists will help with:

  • Sensory play

  • Motor planning skill

  • Living skill training 

  • Joint compression/ massage


Speech Therapy
Play Therapy
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