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Virtual. integrate. physical (ViP)

Due to the pandemic, we have created an online Early Intervention Program (EIP) that reaches to your doorstep!

This is a remodeled Early Intervention Program (EIP) that not only provides online learning but also physical learning

Why online and physical?

Exposure to different learning techniques

Throughout the online classes, parents will be able to witness how different

learning techniques are applied to ensure that the child's learning needs are met. Giving parents first hand experience on how the techniques can also be applied at home. 

Smooth transition

With the presence of physical classes and online classes, children who have yet to be introduced to a classroom setting would benefit from this arrangement. The gradual process of transitioning from home learning to learning in a school environment helps prepare the child better. 

Education is still ongoing

Despite the pandemic, education is still consistently maintained with the online and physical classes. This ensures that the child would not regress during this period of time. 

How does it work?

There will be 3 days of online classes and 2 days of physical classes. Online classes will be conducted through Zoom for 45 minutes. Physical classes will be 3 hours at the center. 

Parents training will be provided before the start of the program. The training will continue for once a month

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