What is skills at home about?

Self help skills are an important foundation for a child with special needs to help them gain independence. Skills At Home is a 10-day coaching program for parents who want to help their child develop self-help skills. 


The coaching program is designed to provide you with structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment. Having a coach to help you identify the gap between your current situation and where you want your child to be and provide tailored guidance and feedback can help accelerate your success. 

Who is this program for?

This course is perfect for you if...


  1. You want to help your child develop self help skills but unsure how to start 

  2. You have already tried everything you can to guide your child in building independence but have not achieved much success

  3. You are feeling stressed that your child can’t seem to pick up the skills that you would want them to learn 

  4. You want to learn methods or techniques that can be replicated to teach other self-help skills

Children who will benefit most in this program are children with special needs or learning difficulties whose developmental age is 3+ years old and can understand simple instructions. 

how does this benefit me as a parent?

  • Learn methods and techniques that can be replicated to teach other self help skills

  • Gain access to experienced teachers who can help you move beyond your stumbling blocks and point out potential roadblocks so you and your child can reach your goals quicker 

  • Get immediate and personalized feedback to overcome your child’s challenge

We promise that your child will be able to master at least 50% of the skill by the end of the 10 days program.  


Step 1 : Submit a registration form

Step 2 : Video interview with coach

  • Gain the most value from the program

  • The interview is designed to help us understand your needs

  • Assess your fit as well as your child’s readiness for the program

Step 3 : Choose 1 skill from our program menu

  1. Eating independently

  2. Brushing teeth

  3. Making a simple breakfast

  4. Preparing table before meal

  5. Washing dishes

  6. Folding clothes

Step 4 : Schedule the first coaching session!

Program structure

Day 1 to 5: Live video call (45 minutes) with real time guidance as you work with your child and get immediate feedback from your coach.

Day 6 to 9: This will be the time for the rubber to hit the road. You will put into practice the past 5 days of intensive coaching as you practice the skills on your own with your child. After doing so, your coach will schedule a call with you to see how things have gone and provide more feedback or modifications.

Day 10: Your coach will have a call with you to assess if skill has been successfully mastered.

We recommend parents start on a Monday. All sessions will be conducted through Google Hangout


  1. What if, by the end of the 10 day program, my child is unable to master the skills?

    • If you have followed our coaches guidance during the 10 days but your child is unable to master at least 50% of the skills, we will refund the program fees to you. 

  2. Who will benefit most from this program? 

    • Parents who are keen to gain new techniques to teach their child self-help skills and ready to collaborate closely with our coaches will benefit most. For this program to be successful, parents will need to be very hands-on in working with their children. 

  3. Why do I need to go through the video interview? 

    • The video interview is conducted with the coach. Because we want to make sure that you can gain the most value from the program, the interview is designed to help us understand your needs, your child’s readiness for the program, as well as assess the overall fit with the program.  

  4. Who are the coaches? 

    • The coaches are experienced teachers who have been working with children with special needs to develop skills and reach their developmental milestones. Our coaches will be able to accelerate your success in teaching your child self-help skills.