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Children in Library

Our Services

Individualized intervention program for children of three years of age onwards who have been diagnosed for developmental delays or disabilities.

A comprehensive psychological assessment by our experienced clinical psychology to evaluate a child's thinking, learning, behavior and emotions.

Occupational therapy focuses on the facilitation of child's gross and fine motor skills, development of life skills and improvement to attention and concentration.

Our counseling psychologists can provide you with structured sessions for individuals, couple or families on issues or changes that might bother you.

A program that offers both academic and life skills for children with special education needs targeted on the essential components of learning.

Speech therapy is a therapy targeting on expressive and receptive communications skills.

A form of psychotherapy that uses play to communicate with and help people to prevent or resolve psychological challenges.

A child's occupation is to play and through it they will learn new things, encourage development of new skills, gross motor, fine motor, emotional and psychological support.

What Our Clients Say

Illustrated White Cats


"When we brought him to GS, his communication was minimal. Mostly single word requests. Now he can frame longer sentences and express himself better.


His concentration to do table task was very low. Now he can sit for much longer time."

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