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My Own Success Story. How did I Improve My Social Skills?

Socializing with people can be tough sometimes for those with autism, as adapting towards talking with the public can be hindered by our constant struggles in our behavior affecting how we converse with others when we grow up. Thus, we should think of ways of training ourselves in conversations from infancy. I usually faced a lot of troubles in conversations with people but I am able to overcome the difficulties and today, I am grateful that I am able to speak more confidently with the public.

One example of how I was able to overcome the social deficiencies is when I was in secondary school. During my studies in secondary school, I have always faced trouble speaking in front of people due to myself, constantly having temper tantrums every day. This is prevalent when my friends always sing “Nano Nano” song all the time, I’ve always ran away quickly because I felt insulted with the description of the commercial. Also, usually, my friends always teased me even with a slight touch on the back or even something I couldn’t hear clearly.

One day, when I was Form 3, I was just heading out for my school break. I was walking outside of the class and then, my friend all of sudden talked something behind my back quietly. I thought in my brain that they said something insulting to me. That has triggered my temper tantrum and I went on a rampage, running around the field. I even threw a chair towards the outdoor basketball field near my class and almost hurt my friend by throwing a punch towards them.

Luckily, my discipline teachers were just nearby who immediately headed towards me and calmed me down. Thank goodness for that because things would have gone worse if they were not nearby me during the incident. Me and my friends were then taken to the discipline room where I tried to explain what had happened during the incident. My discipline teachers told me that in order to solve the problem, my friends and I need to understand each other in terms of our expression and behavior and what we are sensitive to. My discipline teachers also consult my friends on understanding about my behavior better so that they won’t tease me again.

From then onwards, I had some close conversations with my friends who’ve always teased me every time. We talked together about how we are able to resolve the issue. We’ve discussed how they need to think about my own behavior and sensitivity while keeping friendly interactions intact. Furthermore, my other friends who are also my classmates, some I already knew ever since primary school, also helped me a lot with detecting my weaknesses which are related to my social interactions skills and my temper control and how I am able to overcome them. Thanks to all of them, a few weeks after the incident, my friends finally reconciled and apologized for what they have done for a few years since I stepped my foot into secondary school and today, we still interact with each other even though we are now on different paths in our lives.

The lesson I wanted to share with you is that if special needs children are facing trouble with bullies or worry about their own friends, just remember that help is everywhere. Just seek any discipline teacher or teachers in your school and discuss how to handle the situation. Furthermore, we also should play our part by having discussions with those who are involved in order to negotiate on how we are able to socialize better and mend their strained relationship. Our own friends should also play important roles in giving advice and motivation towards each other and have friend discussions frequently in ensuring that in the long run, we are able to gain new friends easier, thus ensuring we will have someone who backs us up when we grow up.

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