Madhuri Chupal

Therapeutic Play Specialist

Madhuri is passionate about working with children facing emotional and psychosocial difficulties. She has been working with children in different settings (shelter homes, home schools, and private homes) with a zest for the last seven years and firmly believes that there is always light at the end of a tunnel provided one is equipped and supported well to walk relentlessly through the darker side of the journey.


She connects well with children and works comprehensively within their social environment (with siblings, parents, and
teachers). She regularly attends skills-building workshops for educators and mental health professionals, participates in
seminars and conferences on public education and mental health studies and is up to date with her professional and
educational requirements.


She holds an international license from the respected International Play Therapy Organisation (PTI) for conducting play therapy sessions for children and adolescents aged 3 16 years of age. She has a unique way of entering the child’s world and is herself a mother to two children, which helps her to understand the perspective of parents as well.

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