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We currently have Student Openings For Morning And Afternoon Programs

  • Morning Session (9.00 a.m - 12.00 P.M)

  • Afternoon Session (2.00 P.M - 5.00 P.M )   

How Do I Apply For My Child ?

3- 7 years old

Contact Us To Make An Appointment With Our Principal Of EIP, Teacher Lesley  

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Why fit in when  you were born to stand out

“Today you are YOU.” That is truer than TRUE. There is no one alive who is YOU-ER than YOU

— Dr Seuss, American Author more than 60 children's books


“The reason GrowIn Sprouts EIP training has been a success is because of its simple approach to tackling one of my most challenging tasks which is toilet training. In this fun and comfortable environment, our son learn easy steps to ensure successful toilet training. In less than a week our son managed to poo poo successfully in the toilet and even say the word poo poo once he's done. He have fun in the same time understanding how to take responsibility for his need to go to toilet before an accident. The commitment and consistency from EIP and Intan Miranti's team (ABA Therapy) plus continuing the training at home are the key to this success. My son had a ball with the other children and responded wonderfully to Miss Lesley and team fun approach to toilet training. We are happy parents and enjoyed this success. ” 


—  A happy mother from EIP room

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