Learning & Behaviour Consulting

Sessions with the family to develop multiple strategies to improve a learning or behaviour concern. Typically, addressing such concerns require a thorough look at the child’s skill set as a whole, his strengths, his challenges, his preferences, and his day-to-day environment as well. As family values differ from family to family, the caregivers’ input and participation is integral to this process.

1:1 Remedial Programme Design and Supervision

Many children with ASD benefit from a temporary period of 1:1 sessions, in order to improve their learning.

ANDI Initiative designs such programmes, customised for each child, and monitors its implementation and the child’s progress.

1:1 Remedial Programme 

ANDI Initiative works collaboratively with area autism therapists with excellent skills, to provide the 1:1 remedial programme.

Social Skills Groups

ANDI Initiative offers Social Skills Modules throughout the year, for children who are ready for a language-based social learning approach.

Training for Special Needs Educators

ANDI Initiative provides training to special needs educators, locally and internationally. Please contact us for a list of topics and previous school-based training experience.

Training for Parents

Since 2007, ANDI Initiative has conducted parent training programmes in KL for parents of children with ASD, who have come from various Malaysian states and Singapore.

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