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Academic program

Why Us?

At GrowIn Sprouts, we believe that each child has his or her own potential. Therefore, at GrowIn Sprouts, we work on creating personalized learning goals and objectives to ensure they reach their own potential. 


GrowIn Sprouts is a team of multidisciplinary specialists and experts in the industry in one place. We aim to provide you with holistic services that take into account all aspects of the child's learning.


Brightling Program

Brightling Program

Specifically designed for children with special needs between 5-14 years old

Each child will have his/her own individualised education plan

Inclusive of 4 x Occupational Therapy sessions (1on-1 and social group) per month

Extra-Curricular activities

Program Curriculum

Brightling Program

The Brightling Program offers both academic and life skills for children with special needs targeting the essential components of learning.

Our syllabus is based on the Cambridge Curriculum IGCSE 


Learning goals and objectives will be set and reviewed every 4 months whilst closely monitoring progress, allowing the child to grow at his/her own pace or even excel in certain areas.


Music / Movement & Sensory Play


Individual / Shared reading


Extra Curricular activities

Free play


Pre-vocational skills

Executive Functioning


Science projects


Brightling program

Our class schedule for both program are from 8.30 am to 3 .00 pm. Extracurricular activities will run between 2.00 to 3.00 p.m.



Placement test/Needs Assessment


Develop Individualised Education Plan


Progress Review with parents every 3 months

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